Harder than it looks….

5 Feb

How do fashion bloggers do this! Good grief.. I'm cold!

Here I am world.

I have a whole new respect for fashion bloggers, truly I do.

From the moment I stepped outside, I was shivering like a leaf (well duh, I was dressed in basically nothing), while kicking myself in the bum. I really thought that I could pull this off in under 5 minutes (yeah right). There is a lot of hustle and bustle to planning out shots in advance let me tell you. Getting the tripod set up, working out features on your camera that’s been collecting dust for a couple of years, outfits, lighting, poses (why didn’t anyone tell me how awkward and silly you feel posing by yourself while trying to “smile right”), the running and THE COLD! I’ve lived in Canada for my whole life and no matter how cold it gets’ I’m still some how shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, how miserable it can be(I love my country .. but yikes)!

Anyway, after all that ranting, I’ve come to the conclusion that, yes to all fashion bloggers that brave the elements to get that one perfect shot…you’re all awesome.

Here’s a few more photos that I was able to salvage from the shoot (My mother was laughing at me the whole time). This is going to be one HUGE learning curve!


Featured Items:

Again and Again Skirt: Modcloth

Shrug/Top: Le Chateau

Gloves: H&M


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