With a side of Pearl Milk Tea…

12 Feb

This dress was one of my most recent purchases from ModCloth and by far it’s one of my favourites . It’s of course a little short on my frame, but from some reason I really love that style with a side of tights (colourful or plain) to top it off. It floats around your body comfortably, the design is simple and sweet, you can mix it with multiple shades and you can easily belt it or throw a cardigan over it (which is what I should of done for this series of photos…but oooh nooo, I decided to be special and prance around majority of the time with just the dress while pretty much ensuring that I’ll get a cold just in time for Valentine’s Day, silly girl).

While it doesn’t prove to be effective to ward off the nasty chill of typical Canadian winter (Seriously Canada, pull your stuff together already and bring forth Spring!), plus it may be a little steep in the price tag, it’s still such a lovely dress and I have a feeling that I’ll be featuring it a lot more in the future with this blog.


Dress: Pearl Milk Tea Dress (ModCloth)

Hat: Gift

Tights: American Apparel


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