Insert “witty” title here!

17 Feb

Creative little rascal, aren’t I? Yeah well, it’s thursday and I just don’t feel like coming up with anything clever to put down as a title (not that my other titles thus far have been stimulating…go easy on me). The weather has been improving, so I’ll stop belly aching at Canada/Mother Nature (for now), but the natural light is still quite dull in the evenings by time I get home…and to be honest, this has been one of the longest weeks ever! The haze of sleep still hasn’t lifted from my body, and I feel like I’m moving in quicksand  in general. The creative juices simply aren’t flowing into full gear at the time being and I’m still learning about getting comfortable in front of the camera (and operating one). You can’t help but feel vulnerable and down right silly, smiling for no apparent reason.


Yet here I am, still trying to scrap up some photo’s just so I can practice techniques, judge distances when Spring/Summer roll around, the shots can be a little more dynamic in style. I’ve said it before, blogging well to attract a loyal following is a huge learning curve. Others may laugh at that statement and say there are many difficult obstacles in life and blogging isn’t/shouldn’t be one of them, but bah…whatever.

I have to at least try, right? I’ve loved fashion blogs for so long that it’s only fair to try my own shake at it. Whether I sink or swim…

Cardigan: Ruche

Skirt: H&M

Hat: Gift

Bracelet (turquoise): ModCloth





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