Back to Basics

14 Mar

*I know…SUPER BRIGHT! Unfortunately it has become a pattern to take my pictures at the back of my house and that is where the Sun directly faces. As it gets warmer, hopefully I can wonder beyond my castle..all in due time*

Sometimes, all you really need to throw on is your basic LBD. This dress is probably one of the cheapest dresses I currently own and funny enough probably my most favourite. Simply crafted A-Line shape and it slips on beautifully like a dream. Add a cardigan, tights and hat…there ya go!

I haven’t been truly up to date with my blog but to be perfectly honest, the urge just wasn’t there for a little bit. Life sort of just happened and a lot of personal dramas that I won’t bore you with unfolded. Plus a history making disaster(s) rippled through the world wide news and it was far too depressing to even consider doing something of this nature at the time *( if you haven’t already please do consider making a donation to The Red Cross or the Humanitarian Coalition, any little bit will help)*.

Anyhow here are the pictures for Monday (posted late):

LBD: Suzy Shier

Headband *acting as bracelet* : Ruche

Hat: Gift

Cluster necklace: Mark Cate.

Tights: AA

Shoes: Steve Madden



One Response to “Back to Basics”

  1. Alexa March 16, 2011 at 9:17 am #

    lovely outfit!

    thanks for the IFB message 🙂


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