The Mercurial State of Weather

5 Apr

Ladies and Gents… I got it (or them)!

What is ‘it’ you say? Braces. I just came back from the dentist and will have braces in for the next two plus years. I’ll be twenty….err I won’t say my full age but I’ll be older and wiser (ha) with less troublesome teeth!

I have to admit they’re causing quite some discomfort in my mouth but it’s all apart of the bigger picture and hopefully you’ll see a brighter and straighter smile in the next couple of years if I’m still style blogging (I don’t see why not, but you never know). I don’t have a clear picture with them in to show but I figure eventually I’ll have to show them off at some point so stay tuned.

Just to switch gears a little, here is the outfit I put on to the dental office and to run a couple errands in. My thought process was basically -‘hey, why not take some pic’s and make an outfit post for the day?’

I’m sorry to say that the weather is still not very cooperative and today especially was very windy (My tripod is usually very sturdy and even it was getting rattled by the sheer force of winds). Yes, I’m a scaredy cat that  still refuses to venture too far out from my backyard, but in my defense today just wasn’t a very nice day to be out for too long.  For some reason, Winter still has one heck of a chokehold on good ol’ Mother N, despite her better efforts to bring in Spring. I swear, just recently we went through about five or so weather changes in a single day: snow, rain, freezing rain/hail, bright sun rays only to go back to rain again.

Just really weird (I know there is documented evidence as to why all of this is happening, but still… weird).

Jacket: Banana Republic

Hat, Shirt & Bag: Gifts

Scarf, Belt, Dress & Boots: ModCloth

Tights: H&M



One Response to “The Mercurial State of Weather”

  1. Jenny Lee April 6, 2011 at 11:42 pm #

    Gorgeous colours! I love the green and blue together.

    And good luck with the braces! I hope the discomfort doesn’t last too long.

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