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Pure of Heart

30 May

I’m back!

It’s been a little slow around here for a bit, but I will be slowly getting back to updating this blog on a more regular basis.

Summer is almost here and I’m on the hunt for discovering beautiful landscapes, secret gardens, hidden passageways and etc. Blogging can force you to open your eyes a bit more to your surroundings and have a new appreciation for what once was just a route to get you from point A to B.

For example, there is a beautiful old church right next to this gazebo that I used to attend when I was younger. The land surrounding the church is stunning and there were so many photo friendly areas to explore but time was against me..oh well.

My outfit is a bit simple, but I for whatever reason decided to wear a flower crown with this floaty white frock. Flower crowns and wreaths are so lovely and I enjoy seeing bloggers wearing them, but they’re not the easiest to pull off. I felt a little bashful walking around with mine (and a little juvenile ) at first, but I shrugged off my feelings after the first few photos. You only live once…shake it up a little.

*Flower Crown/Headband: Lou Lou Loves You

Dress & Scarf: H&M

Necklace: Dynamite

Ring: Smart Set

Bag: Club Monaco



If I Only Knew…

11 May

… How self conscious I would be in this dress (yeah, yeah – boo ‘freakin’ hoo).

I love the blue mountains dress (a lovely gift from someone special) and any dress with pleats will my make my day, but length is not for me without tights. I’m happy that the weather shift has been steadily Spring appropriate but that unfortunately means that the tights have to go back in deep into the closet (unless they’re super light). I know, suck it up and deal, but I love my tights collection.

Couple my discomfort of the dress length with some creeper that was randomly lurking about and staring during this session (my backyard doesn’t have a fence, so it’s a free for all), I didn’t get that many shots in.

I’m thinking it’s time to start scouting out other areas to take pictures. I’ll make it my aim to go into a lovely park or some sort very soon…

Cardi: Gift

Headband & Boots: ModCloth

Necklace: Le Chateau

Bag: H&M


There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me. It’s where I wanna be.”

18 Apr

I’m truly at a loss at the current weather conditions.

Yesterday it snowed! Yeah, it melted and was replaced with hail later in the day, but it still snowed. In mid/late April.

I really don’t get it. I know that always seems to be the topic of choice around here (or many style blogs in general), but it really tickles the noodle. I really should pipe down about it, because it could be so much worse, but it really puts the damper on your spirits. *shrugs*

In other ground breaking news, I really enjoy high-waisted skirts. This new skirt from H&M is right up my alley, such a classic staple in a beautiful orange/red colour (more on the red side). They carry the exact same skirt in navy blue but I had to restrain myself this time around. Money is a little on the tight side and unfortunately, I’m guilty of duplicating many items in my closet.

Shirt & Belt: Dynamite

Bracelet: Smart Set

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Aldo


The Heirloom Secret

13 Apr

I like dresses that have very unique details and structures, especially along the hem. They make for fantastic skirts when the time calls for it and today I wanted to use ModCloth’s Heirloom Dress to do just that. I know that I’ve used this dress quite recently in another post but I couldn’t resist using it again.

The chambray and cream combination is a classic favourite of mine and when I stumbled across Sweet Disposition’s (Amelia) post today, I was inspired to create my own outfit using that same principle.

I do realize that eventually I’m going to have to step away from the tights, but I can’t help myself.

Hat, Dress and Locket: ModCloth

Top: Le Chateau

Belt: Smart Set

Tights: AA


Sprinkle Lightly

12 Apr

This dress is actually a lot more vibrant than captured, but unfortunately time was not on my side and I had to take pictures quickly with a backdrop that I know how to frame in a shot.

Sometimes sunlight can be a glorious thing to behold for pictures, but if you still don’t know what you’re doing with your camera (and where to position yourself when using it outdoors), it can potentially wash you and beautiful colours right out (with assistance of your flash).

Yeah, yeah..whine, whine, whine. I’m done…I swear.

This is a happy dress, I must say. You can’t help but feel like a little girl in it with the bright colours swirling around. Yes, I understand I’m a functional, working adult in society and I should think/act like one …but still. The only down side to it, as per usual with most of my dresses, is that it’s still too short for me. When you’re over 6 feet, finding dresses that don’t need the assist of tights are few and far between…oh dear I’m whining again aren’t I? Ok, now I’m really done.

Dress: Suzy Sheir

Tights: AA

Hat: Le Chateau

Shoes: Aldo


The Loudest Roar

11 Apr

Today was one comedy act of sorts.

Believe me when I say that the pictures that you see in this post are the best, I do mean the best out of the batch I took.

The winds today were not happy and just to make sure you got that message loud and clear … you got slapped with the gusty hand ’till you were giggling in hysterics. Honestly, my dress was flying everywhere to the point that the neighbours got their evening entertainment, my tripod got the pimp slap of all pimp slaps mid snap* (see below). My hat nearly flew off several times and you’ll see that in one the pictures I have one heck of a death grip on it. All in all…hysterical.

Hat that wouldn’t stay on: ModCloth

Dress that showed off my nether regions to the world (sorry next door peeps) : Smart Set

Belt: Suzy Sheir

Scarf: Gift

Tights that look a lot brighter than I realized: AA

* My camera/tripod being slapped around like a pinata

* My camera/tripod got slapped around like a pinata*



The Bright and Bold Surrender

7 Apr

I am truly filling my bright colours quota for this year.

One of the main style challenges I gave myself when I started this blog, was to inject some brighter shades into as many outfits as I could. Before I truly started experimenting with personal style (in my 20’s, I was such a boring teenager) I would grab the safest shades of  blue, black and grey  and that would be that. Nowadays…anything under the sun goes (Just wait until I start clashing all sorts of unruly patterns together, *gasp*).

Today’s outfit is pretty simple with the added help of textured tights. I have to say I love mixing two different tights together to create endless style options (<sarcasm>I amuse myself so easily</sarcasm>).  The vest is not that old but it’s older than most of the outfits I’ve posted thus far in the blog. My other major challenge is incorporating more of my older items that haven’t been worn in awhile, but unfortunately I’ve been slacking in that department. I’ll work on that.


Vest: L.A.M.B.

Dress: Suzy Sheir

Cardigan: Gift

Necklace: Le Chateau

Tights: AA






The Mercurial State of Weather

5 Apr

Ladies and Gents… I got it (or them)!

What is ‘it’ you say? Braces. I just came back from the dentist and will have braces in for the next two plus years. I’ll be twenty….err I won’t say my full age but I’ll be older and wiser (ha) with less troublesome teeth!

I have to admit they’re causing quite some discomfort in my mouth but it’s all apart of the bigger picture and hopefully you’ll see a brighter and straighter smile in the next couple of years if I’m still style blogging (I don’t see why not, but you never know). I don’t have a clear picture with them in to show but I figure eventually I’ll have to show them off at some point so stay tuned.

Just to switch gears a little, here is the outfit I put on to the dental office and to run a couple errands in. My thought process was basically -‘hey, why not take some pic’s and make an outfit post for the day?’

I’m sorry to say that the weather is still not very cooperative and today especially was very windy (My tripod is usually very sturdy and even it was getting rattled by the sheer force of winds). Yes, I’m a scaredy cat that  still refuses to venture too far out from my backyard, but in my defense today just wasn’t a very nice day to be out for too long.  For some reason, Winter still has one heck of a chokehold on good ol’ Mother N, despite her better efforts to bring in Spring. I swear, just recently we went through about five or so weather changes in a single day: snow, rain, freezing rain/hail, bright sun rays only to go back to rain again.

Just really weird (I know there is documented evidence as to why all of this is happening, but still… weird).

Jacket: Banana Republic

Hat, Shirt & Bag: Gifts

Scarf, Belt, Dress & Boots: ModCloth

Tights: H&M


Circle of Smoke

31 Mar

You’ve got to love funky scarves.

My closet continues to overflow with them … to the point that it wants to belch them back out! Forever  a chaotic bundle of colourful confusion! *shakes head*

You would think as a grown woman, I would learn some restraint, but nope. I will continue to bleed my waller dry so I can continue to feed the beast…Yes, I know you’re playing a tiny little violin for my sorrow. least this particular scarf has some character.

Another unnecessary, yet totally necessary scarf: Le Chateau

Sweater: gift

Dress: George

Hat & Necklace: Le Chateau

Belt: Ruche


Results Less Than Desirable

29 Mar

I’m not a hundred precent happy with this outfit .. but it’ll have to do for today.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this new ModCloth dress and the gorgeous show stopping collar that comes with it, but it isn’t really styled in the way I wanted it to be for this post.

I had this great idea on paper but the actual execution was completely brutal on all levels. I’ve said in the past that fashion is all about having fun and feeling comfortable with your choices (not worrying about clashing and such)  .. but good grief the result was just …ugh!

I should have just taken the first disaster batch and post it anyway just so I could mock myself instantly, but I went back to the drawing board for a simpler and tamed down option. Hence the photo’s you see here.


All items except Hat & Tights (H&M/AA) from ModCloth