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Back at it Again!

8 Apr

It’s been awhile for sure.

I have wanted to continue blogging  yet life definitely got in the way of that. Several years have passed and I even went over to blogspot *gasp* for a bit before ultimately putting it to rest as well.

I’ve come back to WordPress with a basic goal of getting back to posting when inspiration hits AND as another avenue to spotlight my YouTube channel that will hopefully be up and running shortly.

Here’s hoping that this page will build once again in addition to supplementing my upcoming channel..stay tuned WP!


So Long….

25 Feb

Oh boy….

It’s been a long time since I’ve been blogging on here and now I’ve moved ;(

I started off briefly on blogger, then moved to wordpress and now I’ve moved back to blogspot:  off by heart style (2.0)

Many thanks to those that stopped by here for a quick visit and/or commented. It was a short, sweet time here but I’m going to cut ties for a bit with wordpress (who knows, I might end up crawling back).