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To Be With You…

9 May

Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday (celebrating for all the moms out there!).

I just wanted to post this for today and state for the record, I would love to live in this video for a day (and steal her dress and flower crown)!

The Honey Trees – To Be With You



Zooey & Winnie

4 Apr

*I’m aware this has nothing to do with fashion/style but it’s too cute not to share*

I’m a total big corny, moldy cheeseball right now with this video. I’ve played it more times than I can count and it brings a huge goofy smile to my face each time.

There will be a new Winnie the Pooh film out shortly this year and Zooey Deschanel will be penning at least 3 tracks for the film including the snippet you see below (She & Him will be together to perform the original end credit song “So Long”).

I have to admit, I’m kinda excited for this…(yes, i’ll let myself out the door now)

Source for the video


Ellen Page on Real Time {Vanishing of the Bees}

28 Mar

*disclaimer= I’m aware this isn’t fashion and or style focused but I quite frankly don’t give a darn about that (hee)*

For this late night feature post, I would like to present to you this great video of Ellen Page appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher recently. She is currently staring in the dark comedy Super (which I unluckily missed out on at TIFF) and I believe there are some US dates coming up soon (no Canadian ones that I can see as of yet), so check that one out for sure.

In the video posted below, Ellen speaks about a documentary called the Vanishing of the Bees, which she does the narration for.

Now, just as an aside .. I’ve loved this tiny Canadian girl ever since she made this statement:

I am a feminist and I am totally pro-choice, but what’s funny is when you say that people assume that you are pro-abortion. I don’t love abortion but I want women to be able to choose and I don’t want white dudes in an office being able to make laws on things like this. I mean what are we going to do – go back to clothes hangers? [in the UK newspaper The Guardian, responding to being asked about the controversy aroused by her role in Juno (2007)] c/o Imdb

My love only continues to grow for her as she discusses amongst the panel the alarming rate of bees disappearing, while also pointing out the disconcerting primary focus the public has with the economy vs. the environment and failing to see how these two go hand in hand. She really conveys the urgency of the matter detailed in VotB well and truly gets the message across how action must be taken quickly (or the consequences will be astronomical – the effects can already be seen).

All in all.. I love her and here is the video & a bonus cute pic from the upcoming movie Super (if it gets taken down, you can also find it at Ellen Page Online):

A global celebration of women…

8 Mar

Hat: Gift

Scarf: ModCloth

Top: H&M

Necklace: Le Chateau

Skirt: Smart Set

Tights/Socks: AA

Boots: Gift

Happy  International Women’s Day!

I know that women shouldn’t just have one particular day set aside to make notice of the major contributions we make and continue to make in society, but nonetheless it still counts towards something. May this day, and many days hereafter be filled with admiration, appreciation, respect, equality and love.

As a side note, I find it interesting that just yesterday, while cruising youtube videos, one powerful video on the images of women used in advertising throughout history (to current times), came to my attention. The video is astutely named Killing Us Softly, presented by Jean Kilbourne. She actually has a whole series of these video’s and I’m linking fourth (and I believe the most current) to this post.  I don’t want to butcher the poignant message behind this video and the others, but if you are currently reading this post, I highly recommend you allow yourself  a few minutes to watch this video (if not all in the series). It truly is an eye opener and as sad it makes me to admit this, I have to say how deeply piercing it is to realize how these images affect how I view myself from a day to day basis. The old pride wants to kick in and say something akin to –  ‘I don’t pay attention to ads! They don’t affect me ! I know we aren’t supposed to look that airbrushed in real life. I’ll have you know that I’m 100% confident in my image all the time‘…sighthe reality…

I like that on days like today, we can celebrate and focus on the many achievements we make throughout the fabric of history (on social, economic and political levels) and that we don’t have to be and shouldn’t be reduced down to just…play things. That our worth is paramount. That we are not the unfeeling, caricatures of some unrealistic and offensive ideal. It’s maddening and deeply depressing that after 40 years of talking about the subject matter, Jean still sadly has to report that not enough progress has been made.